About us

What is creaTTor?

Call it the "mecca of creative assets" if you will. What we basically intended was to build and grow a library of files that would come in handy to any designer, and make it free for everyone. Imminently a great community formed around the concept, hence the file sharing system which never ceases to expand the amount of material available.

How does it work?

The developing concept here is best defined by three words: build, share, grow. This concept is at the core of this system as that's what keeps the material fresh and flowing. You become a creaTTor and gain your halo once you've started sharing. One can share personal creations that others could find useful, or gather and publish neat free stuff that's scattered on the web, respecting the license terms and distribution rights.

What do I get?

creaTTor works as a user driven system which means being part of it will help you grow and gain. Apart from access to thousands of premium assets, just by joining and sharing you'll be included in our ranking system. This can help you gain popularity and make a name for yourself on the web thus finding freelance work a lot easier.

We take copyright infringement seriously, so always make sure you read and respect the license associated with any file you upload or download.
You can find each asset's license details on its presentation page. For more details please read our Privacy Policy or Contact Us.

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